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Why the muslims should stop working with the Holy see at the united Nations !

Extracts of the interview de Paul Marx, leader de HLI, a pro-life organisation
(a friend of Pope John-Paul II)
realised in june 1998 by ProChoix

Paul Marx : "You’ve got to bring it to the french that they have no future unless they change their ways. Give them the facts that the family in France has less children. Then you have four millions muslims who have lots of children. What they couldn’t do by wars through the years to take over christian Europe, they’re now doing it by having babies. Babies are the only future that the Church has. If a nation has no babies, no future. (…)
In Europe, there are an estimated 18 millions muslims. For centuries, they fought battles to get into Christian Europe and were defeated every time. The last time was in 1683 in the Battle of Vienna.
Now the muslims are coming in by having babies, while Europe is becoming a vacuum. See, the only reproductive countries in Europe are Malta and Albania. Albania has 2.8 children while Malta has 2.4 – all other countries are dying out…
And that’s what the pro-life movement is all about –to make people aware of this to educate them on the importance of family life, on the importance of refusing sex before marriage
We do what we call a total approach –everything from contraception to euthanasia contraception, sterilization, surgical abortion."

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