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Feminist, pro-gay, anti-fascist, and for the separation between religion and politic, ProChoix is an network for reflection and action, dedicated to issues as varied as abortion, women's rights, homosexuality, euthanasia, illegal immigrants, and secularism. Why? Because to us these issues are all part of the question of choice: the right to choose and to make decisions about one's life.
• We have chosen to be FOR : Secularism, Equality and Liberty.
• We have chosen to be AGAINST : Fanatism, racism, Anti-abortionists ("pro-lifers"), Anti-gay, anti-choice movements.


ProChoix is not just an activist group, it is a team of researchers and journalists who want to be able to work freely on issues like abortion, feminist, the right to choose, and the opponents of these movements. The members of this team are dedicated to providing quality information about the extreme right. Most of our information comes from long, exacting studies, checked against our archives and our document center. To diffuse this information, we have recently launched a publishing company and a website. We edit texts which investigate or reflect on the question of choice: notably a book on the Anti-PaCS movement in France and another on homophobia.

The Document Center

The document center started with 95 boxes of archives on "pro-life" – anti-abortion and anti-choice – movements. Today, we can say that we an exceptional collection of brochures, documents, publications, files, and books on anti-abortion groups in France and Europe, on the American religious right (and most American "pro-life" movements), the Anti-PaCS movement in France, the so-called pro-family movements, and the Catholic and Protestant extreme right. Additionally, we subscribe to most religious and extreme right publications. Our center collects most studies that appear in the mainstream press in France and in other countries.

A network

Since its creation in 1997, the ProChoix magazine quickly led to the creation of many ProChoix groups in France: in Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Le Mans, Dijon, Lille, and Clermont-Ferrand. Thanks to these groups, our studies are widely distributed, and help to sensitize the public, as well as elected officials, to issues of choice. Like in the U.S., the pro-choice movement in France has unified and mobilized in response to the pro-life movement. We work with a number of French feminist, gay/lesbian, anti-fascist and secular organizations.
Caroline Fourest and Fiammetta Venner, co-founders of ProChoix, are regularly invited to speak on subjects such as the anti-abortion movement, the extreme right, and the question of choice in general. Thanks to our research center, we also have connections in Greece, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. And of course, we are in contact with pro-choice organizations in the U.S.. Recently, we joined Women Action, the "Women and Media" group following the U.N. debates.

ProChoix is also an information service !

Need some information on the anti-choice group you're worried about? No matter what country it's in, we'll try to help you find out more about it.

Email us at
: prochoix@prochoix.org

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