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lundi 21 juin 2010

Do not punish Taslima Nasrin

An Open Letter to the Indian Authorities Mister Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Madam President of the Congress Party Sonia Gandhi, we write you to implore India to continue to protect Taslima Nasrin. We are citizens of the world, intellectuals, writers, attached to women’s rights and to... lire la suite

mercredi 2 septembre 2009

The two faces of Tariq Ramadan (by Caroline Fourest)

After months of hesitation, the City of Rotterdam has had to accept the evidence. The ideology of Tariq Ramadan isn’t compatible with his position of “advisor on integration and multi-culturalism” to which the City had appointed him – after months in which his appointment had... lire la suite

lundi 2 juillet 2007

Britain isn't worthy of Rushdie (By Tarek Fatah)

''By Tarek Fatah National Post, Toronto'' Sunday, Oct. 1, 1989 was a typically chilly morning in London. That did not dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of angry British Muslims who were heading toward the Royal Albert Hall to hear a South African orator, Ahmed Deedat, rip into Salman Rushdie for... lire la suite

vendredi 15 juin 2007


Sigma Huda, the UN Special Rapporteur Against Trafficking in Persons, has been restrained by Bangladeshi authorities from leaving the country to perform her duties as UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking. In another act of censorship, the secretariat of the Human Rights Council has prevented the... lire la suite

vendredi 1 juin 2007

Women's Rights Activist Suspended from Afghan Parliament

Women's rights activist and lawmaker Malalai Joya, a 29-year-old from the Farah province, was suspended from the Afghan Parliament yesterday after she described the Parliament as a barn full of animals. Joya is known for infuriating former mujahedeen fighters that now hold seats in the legislative... lire la suite

vendredi 11 mai 2007

Pakistan : New apostasy bill to impose death on anyone who leaves Islam

Since 1999 Pakistan has led the way in the UN Human Rights Commission (now Council) in pushing through resolutions "Combating Defamation of Religions". The latest version, narrowly adopted by the Council in March, makes it clear that it is principally Islam that the resolution seeks to protect. The... lire la suite

lundi 30 avril 2007

Nigéria : Polygamous lesbians flee Sharia

A Nigerian lesbian who "married" four women last weekend in Kano State has gone into hiding from the Islamic police, with her partners. Under Sharia law, adopted in the state seven years ago, homosexuality and same-sex marriages are outlawed and considered very serious offences. The theatre where... lire la suite

lundi 5 février 2007

The Cartoon Trial : We support Charlie Hebdo and the right to criticize any and all religions

The trial which is about to take place before the Paris Civil Court February on 7th and 8th is of the utmost importance. Charlie Hebdo is being prosecuted for having republished the twelve Danish cartoons on Mahomet that first appeared in the Jyllands-Posten. In a context in which... lire la suite

mardi 23 janvier 2007

Iranians against Antisemitism

ON THE HOLOCAUST CONFERENCE SPONSORED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF IRAN By Gholam Reza Afkhami and over one hundred others We the undersigned Iranians, Notwithstanding our diverse views on the IsraeliˆPalestinian conflict; Considering that the Nazis' coldly planned "Final Solution" and their... lire la suite

samedi 11 novembre 2006

Cairo street crowds target women (BBC news)

By Magdi Abdelhadi, Arab affairs analyst, BBC News Egyptians are horrified by the news that women have been assaulted by hordes of young men in the centre of the capital, Cairo. The incidents were first reported online by Egyptian bloggers, some of whom saw large number of men harassing the... lire la suite

vendredi 6 octobre 2006

Take off your veils, says Straw

By Nigel Bunyan and Graeme Wilson (Filed: 06/10/2006) Jack Straw provoked anger yesterday by suggesting that community relations would be helped if Muslim women did not wear full veils. The Leader of the Commons disclosed that for the past year he had been asking women who visited his... lire la suite

samedi 30 septembre 2006

Meeting of The Association of DEMOCRATIC MUSLIMS about »The Impact of the Muhammad Cartoons»

The Association of DEMOCRATIC MUSLIMS convenes a Round Table on »The Impact of the Muhammad Cartoons» Saturday 30 September 2006 at 13.00 - 16.00 in »Landstingssalen» in the premises of the Folketing on Christiansborg. One of the purposes of the Democratic Muslims www.demokratiskemuslimer.dk is... lire la suite

lundi 21 août 2006

A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING ? About Tariq Ramadan and the book of Caroline Fourest

‘Frère Tariq : Discours, stratégie et méthode de Tarik Ramadan (Brother Tariq : Rhetoric, Strategy and Method of Tariq Ramadan' by Caroline Fourest : Bernard Grasset Grasset 2004, 425 pp in French. Ramadan is a highly controversial figure with devoted followers and tenacious detractors.... lire la suite

samedi 8 juillet 2006

An Open Letter to Oriana Fallaci : "Anti-Islamism does not justify racism!" (Azar Majedi)

Dear Oriana Fallaci, As a veteran activist of women's rights, for liberty and equality, as a first hand victim of political Islam, and a veteran fighter against it, as an atheist who is a staunch believer in a secular state and secular education system, as a woman who has fought against hejab in... lire la suite

jeudi 1 juin 2006


Traditional practices, such as forced marriages, domestic violence, and denial of reproductive rights, often play a key role in suicides of women and girls in Southeast and Eastern Turkey, while the authorities often do not implement protective laws, according to a United Nations expert who has just... lire la suite

mercredi 24 mai 2006

The Ayaan Hirsi Ali case : A Scandal for Europe

Obliged to live surrounded by bodyguard since she wrote the screenplay for the short TV production «Submission» filmed by Theo van Gogh, threatened with death, accused of Islamophobia by the Dutch left because of her struggle against Islamism, female genital mutilation and forced marriage, and... lire la suite

lundi 22 mai 2006

Petition to Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The misinformation on Ayaan Hirsi Ali's application for asylum is not a new tactic for desperate refugees, nor is it news about Ayaan, however the Dutch government has just recently decided to use this public information about Ayaan as a pretext to advance its political agenda. The rights of... lire la suite

jeudi 11 mai 2006

FSE : Declaration of the women assembly Of the European Social Forum in Athens 4 - 7 may 2006

In a moment when we face a growing political intervention of the churches and the rise of religious integralisms in Europe and experience the step back in women's rights, and not with standing the warming already launched by the feminist associations including the world march of women to the... lire la suite

jeudi 16 mars 2006

To support the Manifesto "Together facing the new totalitarianism"

TEXT TO SIGN "We support the signatories of the Manifesto "Together facing the new totalitarianism" On Saturday, March 11, a thread on the British Islamist site, ummah.net, issued a death threat against the 12 signatories of the Manifesto "Together facing the new totalitarianism"* :... lire la suite

Death Threats against the "manifesto of the twelve"

Dear All, Saturday March 11, a British islamist site diffused a death threat towards 12 signatories of Proclamation " Together facing the new totalitarianism " *. The text of the threat appeared on ummah.net is very clear: « Excellent-makes killing the kuffar all the bit easier (...)... lire la suite

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