To: U.S. Congress, U.S. President,

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a feminist, a politician, and an author. A cultural refugee, she has been threatened for many years for her outspoken criticism of Islamic fundamentalism. She lives under the constant threat of death after Theo van Gogh, her partner on the film "Submission: Part 1" was slaughtered like a sacrificial animal in broad daylight on an Amsterdam street by an Islamic extremist. Ms. Ali has done more to raise awareness concerning the plight of women living under Islamic oppression than anyone in the world. She has been given many humanitarian awards and is a living embodiment of the ideals of individual freedom, liberty, free speech, and courage. Recently, the Dutch government decided that they would no longer pay for her necessary constant security detail, because she has been living and working in America. Because of this, she will have to pay for her security herself. We believe that the United States Government should take a stand against fundamentalist bullying and in defense of free speech, and offer to finance and oversee the protection of Ms. Ali for as long as is necessary.

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