The Association of DEMOCRATIC MUSLIMS convenes a Round Table on »The Impact of the Muhammad Cartoons»

Saturday 30 September 2006 at 13.00 - 16.00 in »Landstingssalen» in the premises of the Folketing on Christiansborg.

One of the purposes of the Democratic Muslims is to be a forum for debate on the subject of Democracy and Islam. Therefore, we wish to use the occasion of the anniversary of the publication of the Muhammad Cartoons to arrange a Round Table on the issue of »The Impact of the Cartoons» in order to analyze and debate the consequences of the cartoons.

The following leading experts and commentators from USA, Canada, Egypt and France will deliver presentations on the different aspects of the subject of the meeting:

1. Wafa Sultan: «Freedom of Expression»

2. Irshad Manji: «Freedom of Expression»

3. Mona El Tahawy: «The Effect of the Cartoons in the World»

4. Mohammed Sifaoui: «Islamism»

Proceedings will be conducted in English and the meeting will be concluded by an open debate with the audience.

The meeting is open to members of the Democratic Muslims, its Support Association and the general public on a first come, first served basis.

OBS! Prior registration is necessary - pls. send a mail to with your name and address. Participants are advised to appear in due time in order to ensure a smooth security procedure.

A press conference will be convened on Wednesday 27 September at 14.00.

Naser Khader MP, Chairman