In a moment when we face a growing political intervention of the churches and the rise of religious integralisms in Europe and experience the step back in women's rights, and not with standing the warming already launched by the feminist associations including the world march of women to the European social forum organizing committee.

Still seminars are held in the forums who serve as a stage for organizations and speakers who are carrier of values different from the Porto Alegre charter and offending the rights of women. The woman Assembly denounces this situation. We have participated from the very beginning to the process of the social forums and we are in the ESF in Athens building democratic and therefore secular alternatives for another Europe.

Facing the reiteration of these events, we remember everybody that women issues will not serve as an excuse for manipulations of any kind. We reject those political alliances which are done in disregard of the women's rights and creating hierarchies of struggles where those of women's take a lower priority after anti war and antiracist struggle. This attitude brings to a division within the antiliberist struggle and weakens the social forums.

Since the women's rights are universal, feminists are actively engaged in contrasting racism and war.

We appeal to men and women to join us to build another Europe without discriminations, without wars, feminist, secular and therefore of equalty.