Dear All,

Saturday March 11, a British islamist site diffused a death threat towards 12 signatories of Proclamation " Together facing the new totalitarianism " *.

The text of the threat appeared on is very clear: « Excellent-makes killing the kuffar all the bit easier (...) Jezak'illah Ukthi, now we have drawn out a hit list of a 'Who's Who' guide to slam into. Take you time but make sure their gone soon- oh and don't hold out for a fatwah it isn't really required here. »

This threat is just not acceptable. Especially knowing that this Manifesto calls only with the resistance of the ideas. But thoses integrists answered us by the threat and violence. A proof - if it were necessary - of their refusal of the democratic debate and their totalitarianism.

This violence is all the more unacceptable as it is a reaction to a text of reflexion calling with solidarity with all those accused of blasphemy. In a context of increase of religious intolerance and all the integrisms, where Islamism presents however an increased totalitarian total risk. The signatories, of which several were threatened of died for their positions, can testify.

It is not a text against Islam but against Islamism, that means against the political instrumentalisation liberticide of Islam. This text invites to leave the confusion induced by the word "islamophobia" which confuses the criticism - legitimate - of Islam as an ideology and stigmatization - unacceptable - of believing as individuals.

Struggling against the abusive political instrumentalisation of Islam as well as against the "cultural relativism" - on the base of which individuals of Moslem culture are deprived of the right to the equality and secularity --, it pleads at the same time against racism and the integrism. What makes a measured text of it, face to which violence is all the more disproportionate and unjustified.

For all these reasons, we call for your solidarity to the Manifesto of the twelve , "Together facing the new totalitarianism", in order to visibiliser the solidarity of the democrats who, whatever their origins or their confessions, refuse to let themselves intimidate by the integrist ones and the totalitarian ones.

All the best, Caroline Fourest