Saudi Arabia Denmark and the boycott were again mentioned in Friday prayers, but less prominently than last week. Neither Arla nor Arla brands were referred to. The boycott of Danish products continues. Staff are still out in the field and are receiving angry complaints from consumers.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman Reports from four mosques, two in the Emirates and two in Oman, state that the boycott was not mentioned in Friday prayers and Denmark was only mentioned in connection with Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen's invitation to Arab ambassadors. The media have reported that the cartoons have appeared in a number of European papers. The boycott of Danish products continues, but Arla's products have returned to the shelves of two supermarket chains, which were experiencing a shortage of butter. Lurpak has a market share of 70% in the Emirates. Arla's competitors have limited stocks.

Kuwait Although the boycott was not mentioned in Friday prayers, it continues. Work focuses on getting products produced in Saudi Arabia back on the shelves.

Qatar The Grand Mufti continues to call for boycotts of Danish products. The situation is highly critical.

Yemen Nothing was mentioned about Denmark and the boycott during Friday prayers in the capital, Sanaa. We have no reports from Friday prayers in Aden, but it is known that demonstrations have taken place with posters of Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen being set alight. In Mukalla and Aden, there are strong feelings against shops listing Danish products.

Lebanon The situation has worsened significantly. During the day, both Sunnis and Shiites were called upon to boycott Danish products. The boycott seems to be increasing and consumers are demanding that Arla's products be removed from stores. Our brands and products appear on all leaflets and posters about the boycott.

Morocco The affair continues to run in the media. Our distributor is awaiting developments.

Egypt The controversy is the main topic in the media and among the population. Danish products have been removed from all Egyptian supermarkets.

Sudan The affair has now reached Sudan where, according to our distributor, the President has issued a statement forbidding the population from buying or trading in Danish products.